Coffee Percs

Some things a man can skimp on and some they can’t.  I need real coffee not mush.”
              –Cliff Hudgins (Viejo and the Ranger)

Graylight is already upon us.  We best be doin’ some jawin’ or soon the sun will be shinin’ and the day on the way to bein’ done.  One thing, Pard, yuh can always come to my house knowin’ I’m goin’ to serve yuh some real honest-to-goodness coffee.  None of that weak stuff in this home, an’ if’n yuh can’t handle it I reckon yuh can just water it down yur ownself.
   That kinda reminds me of the way folk treat truth.  They say they’re searchin’ for the truth and when they hear it, they twist it, bend it, question it, compromise it, and then most of the time through it away and make up a lie.  Bureaucrats!  Media!  Journalists!  Just to hear or see them makes my belly ache.  To hear some talk, why they jist let themselves prattle on and don’t hear the foolishness they are spoutin’.
   Well, Pard, this ain’t no foolishness, take a deep swaller of that coffee.  That’s the real stuff.  It’ll shore ‘nough open yur eyelids.  Let me ask yuh somethin’, now I’m not jist beatin’ at the bushes, but I want to know.  Despite my wondrous coffee yuh still got the joy inside?  ‘Cause we should be livin’ this life, no matter what comes our way, with the joy of the Lord in our hearts.  This ol’ coffee ought to be a reminder of it.  Why shucks, jist to look at yur face when yuh take a sip, I can see that it brings pure delight to yuh; that’s the way we should have the joy.  If’n I didn’t want to be polite in company, I’d jist burst out singin’–“well, I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, down in my heart!”  Sorry, did it anyhow.  Joy does it to yuh.
   Pard, one way to let the joy dissipate is to empty the coffeepot.  What once brought up delight this mornin’ is now gone, but we shore enjoyed it while it was here.  Yuh take note of that, for yuh cayn’t use up joy.  The Spirit is always fillin’ a fresh bunch of it in our souls.
   Yuh be rememberin’ that this week.  Don’t let no virus be stealin’ yur joy; if’n yuh do that’ll prove it’s from the devil. Another way to be losin’ yur joy is to be forgettin’ to check yur cinch and fallin’ out of the saddle.