Coffee Percs

Some of Slim’s coffee was still left over from yesterday, a little bit warmed over and added to.  And tasting it on that second day, I’d guarantee no horseshoes or anything else would survive in it one way or the other.”
              –Clair Huffaker (The Cowboy and the Cossack)

Not too bad a start this mornin’ for graylight is just now appearing.  Yur cup’s ready Pard; threw in a couple of extra scoops of coffee this mornin’.  Yuh know, sometimes the starter just starts harder and yuh need that extra jolt to get goin’.  Now, it’s nothin’ like ol’ Slim’s coffee.  Yuh’ve had some of his, haven’t yuh?  I figured there’s really only two types of coffee I don’t care much for, no, make that three:  weak, highly scorched (and Slim’s leans thataway), and flavored.  Yuh know to keep the cinos out of my kitchen!
    Talked to an ol’ Pard yesterday, we’ve rode many a trail together faced the arrows of the devil together many a-time.  He’s been cooped up because of this corona.  He reckoned it was preparin’ him for life in the nursin’ home.  I guess it’s been different in the big cities.  Life out here in the woods has stayed fairly close to the same.
    Ahhh, that extra scoop helped; the ol’ gizzard’s takin’ pure delight this mornin’.  How ’bout some of them bureaucrats–that loud-mouthed bunch encouragin’ folk to stay at home and not go back to work.  Let the government continue to feed them and that means you and me, Pard.  Kids, the poor whiny babies, are still cryin’ for their student debts to be canceled.  And who’ll pay for that, you and me, Pard.  The wife and I were talkin’ just the other day about how I had to work each summer to make money to go to school the next fall; plus I had to take out a loan which I paid back.
    No use, gettin’ the gripe over it.  I know the Lord’s in charge of my life and those of my family, no matter what the bureaucrats say and do.  Them an’ their cronies may be a bother, but I look to the Lord for my help.  He’ll help us get by, He always has, and always will.
    Pard, now yuh be watchin’ who yuh shake hands with.  Don’t be dismayed if’n there are some who don’t want to be shakin’ that mitt of yurs.  They’re just bein’ cautious, yuh just tip yur hat and grin.  Yuh be havin’ a good start to the new month, and that means yur not goin’ to forget to check yur cinch.  Why I heard the other day of a fella that…well, that’s a story for another time.