Coffee Percs

I think me and you need some hot coffee.  Come on, woman, let’s go to the house.”
              –Elmer Kelton  (The Time It Never Rained)

Now how many times have my wife and I enjoyed coffee together?  Whether is was beside a campfire, or ridin’ in the steel mount, her pourin’ from a thermos, or just sittin’ ’round the house, we sure have put the coffee down together.  Nothin’ better than sittin’ with yur honey, enjoyin’ each other’s company and sippin’ on that delectable brew.  Ahhhh…now don’t be gettin’ yurself all upset.  Yur fine company most of the time, but nothin’ compares to her.
    What’s that?  Yuh cayn’t be stayin’ long?  Ha, forgot to do yur shoppin’, that’s figures.  But don’t rush out jist yet, take a time for a few swallows.  Now, some folk, like you, only get yur sweetie flowers on special days, but this ol’ fence post ain’t as dumb as I look.  I’ve always tried to make sure the missus of the house has fresh flowers on the table.  Haven’t always made it, but come close, an’ if’n that doesn’t work I get her coffee in a special cup that has flowers on it.
    The Lord was sure good to me growin’ up.  I reckon maybe I needed it, but I had three “moms.”  Yep, my Mom–Marguerite, plus my Grandma and Aunt Bern.  What was it that ol’ sage said, “a cord of three stands is not quickly broken”?  Then He went an’ blest me with a gem of a wife.  Why in a few weeks, she’ll have been workin’ on me and walkin’ beside me, and drinkin’ coffee along with me for forty-nine years.
    Pard, I won’t hold yuh to more than one cup today, I’ll finish up the pot, or go wake the wife to help me start the day with a happy gizzard.  Jist like yuh to wait until the last minute, and don’t yuh be givin’ me that quarantine nonsense.  Yuh better make sure yur cinch is tight after yuh buy them flowers.  Yuh shore don’t want petals fallin’ to the ground.