Coffee Percs

Book Cover“He wanted to sit down to a quiet meal and a cup of coffee, and most of all he wanted to see her.”         –Louis L’Amour

Gather ’round the table pard.  I’ve made some coffee from the High Chaparral.  Yep roasted out there in Tucson.  Strong and black, ahhhh, that hits the spot.  Nice to sit back before the doin’s of the day; will need to get goin’, cause I just miss my saddle pard.  So if there’s a downcast look in my countenance that’s why.  She’s out in the eastern country visitin’ the grandson.  His birthday is tomorrow.
My daughter told me they went to the Amish Market.  Yur familiar with those folk; a little on the strange side, but good people.  Simple folk, but know how to make a good product.  Now you know I’m not real surprised at things much, but she told me, and lands-a-mercy she said they are making “cino” there in the Market.  Goodness, that one almost floored me.  The Amish makin’ “cino” coffee.  That’s why I made this extra strong this mornin’.  Guess they have to stay up with the young folk and offer that flavored stuff.  Even the Amish have a hankerin’ for money.
Speaking of coffee, my this is good this mornin’.  Wife, yur sure missin’ it, but I’ll make it up to you when you get back.  Sure hope it ain’t too long.  By the way pard, did you read last week about the EU?  The director, or whatever he’s called, said that there should be a European army under his direction.  He made a few other comments in the same direction.  It won’t be long pard, He’s gettin’ ready to come back.  When the general populace begin to turn the moral into the immoral and make things totally unnatural moral, then there the cup of iniquity is nearly full.
“Bout time to get a-movin’.  Say, you are keepin’ that gun oiled and your Bible read, ain’t you?  Sure don’t want to become careless so I’m just checkin’.  By the way, did you pick up a couple of my books?  It’s on Amazon, “The True and Unbiased Life of Elias Butler.”  There’s my ad for the day.  You take care now pard, and make sure you check your cinch.