Coffee Percs

The sky was just beginning to lighten in the east as he stepped out on the porch of his large ranch house carrying a tin cup of coffee.”
               –Gary Church (Fate Rides a Tall Horse)

There yuh are.  Wonderin’ when yuh were stoppin’ by, thought mebbe the roads were washed out.  This ol’ fence post was smart enough to stay a few extra minutes under the covers with that storm we had.
     Say, are yuh used to the “new normal” yet?  Here, take this cup; it might not help yuh see more clearly, but yur gizzard will sit up an’ smile.  Have yuh heard some of the baloney that’s being spouted?  My mercy, some of it is beyond foolishness.  Why that group of four, women I guess they are, want to take property away from owners.  Hmmm, now don’t that sound a bit like full-fledged communism?
     Just hard to believe.  We spent years in a Cold War with some hot spots like Korea and Vietnam to fight such idiotology, now there are members of Congress spouting it.  There are some cryin’ for sharia law–God rest those souls who sacrificed in Iran and Afghanistan.
     But I don’t mean to be moanin’ the blues over the idiocy that is among the bureaucrats, I want to enjoy my Saturday coffee, maybe sigh a few times, and remember the day.  You do know what the day is?  Armed Forces Day, in fact, the whole month is Armed Forces Month.  This is the day we salute those presently servin’ in our military.  Today, especially, we should offer a prayer of thankfulness to the Lord for those currently servin’ this great country.  And contrary to some, this country is great.  Remove the influence of the United States from the world scene and it would be more of a mess than it currently is, of course, that is the agenda of some.
     So Pard, let’s finish this pot of coffee so yuh can get back to doin’ the new normal. Problem for me, I didn’t even know what the old normal was.  That’s one good thing ’bout bein’ an ol’ fence post. 
     Yuh be checkin’ yur cinch now, hear!  The new normal don’t change that a bit.