Coffee Percs

I heated up a canteen cup of coffee with a sterno tablet.  I had to hover over it to keep the rain from drowning it out.”
               –E.B. Sledge (With the Old Breed)

Mornin’ already?  Goodness, Pard, this ol’ fence post slept in this mornin’.  That’s what happens in this here retirement.  Sorry if I kept yuh waitin’ for my purely delightful words and company.
     Folks are really in an uproar in some places over this virus.  My mercy, yuh’d think someone stole their chewin’ gum.  Some give yuh the evil eye if’n yuh aren’t wearin’ a mask.  Not in my area of the woods, but in some places.  I think some folk just have a cantankerous bone and have to spite everyone an’ everythin’.  We’re supposed to be rejoicin’ folk an’ be givin’ thanks to the Lord.
     Ol’ Sledge mentioned heatin’ up coffee over sterno. I’ve done that a few times, but I had a miniature tripod that would hold one hexamine tablet–just enough for one canteen size cup of coffee.  I made that more than a few times.  Used to always carry a pot in the car with a sterno stove; a person can’t go about unprepared.
     Not too bad, go ahead take a long, deep sip.  Ahhh, nothin’ better than a good cup of coffee in the mornin’.  But then there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee after supper, or for, that matter, for a mid-mornin’ beverage.  Speakin’ of bein’ prepared.  I trust yur lookin’ up and have prepared yurself for that trumpet sound.
     Yuh be havin’ yurself a good Memorial Day.  Remember the fallen, that is the purpose of the Day.  Don’t rile yur gizzard, stay away from lookin’ at the news too much.  And for goodness sake don’t forget to check yur cinch.
                Vaya con Dios,