Coffee Percs

In the short days he woke in the dark at exactly half-past four.  He started a fire in the bunkhouse stove, and set coffee on.”
          –Alan LeMay  (The Searchers)

     Howdy-do, Pard.  Glad to have yuh this mornin’, yur cup is ready an’ I’ll be fillin’ it shortly.  Say, that kinda reminds me of how the Lord wants us to be–we need to have our cup ready to be filled.  Methinks that far too often the Lord want to pour us full of the Spirit, but we don’t have our cup ready, or can’t find it, or maybe stored it away somewhere.  We need to have it ready so it can be poured full.
     Ahhh, shore does taste mighty good this mornin’.  ‘Course it taste good all the time, but the cup of coffee in yur hand is the one that tastes the best.  I was readin’ what ol’ LeMay wrote, and it made me think back to my workin’ days when I was up at 4:30 puttin’ the coffee on, any gettin’ my cup ready.  My mercy, hard for this ol’ fence post to get up at 6:00 any more.  Ah, where are the days of youth?  Spent too quickly; time has stolen them.  But yuh know what?  I’m goin’ to enjoy today, an’ another cup of coffee.
     Speakin’ of time; another month has sped by.  Where did the days and hours go?  Do yuh find Him gettin’ sweeter as the days go by?  This quarantine thing, if’n yuh took advantage of it was a time to be spendin’ with the Lord.  As much as I enjoy sharin’ coffee with yuh every Saturday, I enjoy the days of sittin’ with the Lord drinkin’ my coffee with Him. 
     What?  Cup’s empty; pot’s empty.  Well, Pard, we shore guzzled that down fast this mornin’.  I’ll keep a cup here, ready for yuh when yuh stop by.  Yuh best be carryin’ one in yur gear; I always keep one in the steel mount.  Never know when I might need to stop along the trail–always best to be ready.  Say, an’ as important as that cup is, maybe more important is the fact that yuh need to check yur cinch before mountin’.
          Vaya con Dios,