Coffee Percs

You need to learn to make a pot of coffee that doesn’t taste like cactus pulp.”
              –Paul Bagdon  (Stallions of Burnt Rock)

The coffee’s hot and strong, so get yurself in here an’ grab a cup.  Come visit me when yuh want a cup of good coffee.  I heard a song the other day, an’ don’t be a-frettin’ I’m not goin’ to sing it ’cause I cayn’t remember all the words but here’s a thought from it.  A couple of ol’ cowpokes stopped in at one of them Do Drop By cafes along the highway.  They were seekin’ a good cup of coffee.  When the waitress brought the coffee to them, one of the ‘pokes stated, “Yur shore get a lot of coffee outta one bean.”  Mercy, Pard, I’ve had poor, weak coffee thrust at me a time or two, but that would jist have to be about the worse.
    Say, with all the doin’s with idiots out there tearin’ down our country, vandalizin’ and lootin’ I wonder if there will be much left.  Shame that they’re usin’ the murder of one person to kill others and destroy the property of others.  On top of that add some of the imbecilic ideas of the bureaucrats.  I saw where the plan is to disband the Minneapolis Police Department.  They are goin’ to start a “community-driven public safety program.”  Yippi-yi-yo, Pard, call 9-1-1 and who will come to your rescue, Chubby-Tubby from next door?
    But, on the brighter side, this is a day of cheers!  My eldest granddaughter is graduatin’ from high school.  Yeehaw!  Another milestone in her life.  The Lord shore has been good to her.  She was able to get a job this week on top of that.  Hope it’s enough to take me out for a hamburger, or some decent coffee.
    Yuh be havin’ yurself a good day.  Be sure yur gun is oiled and loaded an’ that yur carryin’ the Word in yur heart.  An’ on top of that, be checkin’ yur cinch, with the nuts out there yuh might have to make a getaway.