Coffee Percs

He poured a cup of coffee from the pot that sat on the stove.  It was strong and scalding, but it tasted good.”
               –Louis L’Amour  (Conagher)

Come on in, Pard.  Graylight’s here, I thought about jist layin’ in bed and not get yuh coffee this mornin’, but jist couldn’t do it.  With all the stupidity and absurdity that’s a-goin’ on I made it extra strong.  My gizzard and liver need soothin’ with all the mindless hatred that is happenin’. 
     One female form had the gall to say that she had a right to protest.  Well, the Constitution does give the right to peaceful assembly, and freedom of speech, but nowhere does it say that people have the right to destroy the property of others.  That the lives of those who are working out there to protect us are to be targets.  If she believes that she is deluded.  Hmmm, come to think of it, the Lord does say that He will bring a strong delusion.  Lootin’, beatin’ others, causin’ mayhem, that isn’t protestin’, that’s riotin’ and insurrection.  They say it is in the name of “race.”  Well, that the foulest baloney that I’ve ever heard, for all it is doin’ is bringin’ about more racism.  Unity–ha!–division.  One more thing, Pard, an’ I’ll stop an’ have my coffee with yuh.  I’m a-thinkin’ there is more to this behind the scenes.  An acquaintance of mine has called it “orchestrated anarchy.”  That’s a good way of puttin’ it.  I like to say what my gizzard is feelin’ but I jist don’t have the words.
     Coffee to yur suitin’ this mornin’?  Listen friend, an’ listen tight–the Lord is gettin’ ready for the Father is about to pronounce His return.  Shore hope yur ready for that trumpet.  So many things to be ready for in these days.  One has to know their Bible against the enemy of their soul; one has to carry their weapons if’n they’re attacked while out doin’ the errands of the day, and we must be ready an’ lookin’ up listenin’ for the sound of the trumpet.  Whoooeeee–that’ll be the day!
     Father’s Day is tomorrow.  Wouldn’t it be somethin’ if the heavenly Father said, today is the day?  Go bring my children home.  That day’s a-comin’.  What’s that?  Why shore, Pard, I think the good Lord will sit with us in heaven an’ enjoy a cup of heavenly brew with us.  Don’t yuh be a-frettin’ none about that.  Yuh be safe now, yuh hear!  Guns oiled, yur in yur Bible readin’ it, and I noticed that yuh checked yur cinch before mountin’.  Yu’ll make it.
              Vaya con Dios.