Coffee Percs

In heat like this, coffee’s good for your innards.  Besides, a man ought never pass up the chance to take on a good cup of coffee, no matter what.  One of the best things in life, and that’s a fact.”
               –Wayne D. Dundee (Dismal River)

We sure don’t miss many Saturdays, do we Pard?  Always good to have company, sit back and enjoy a cup of hot, black coffee.  A body never knows.  Why with all this pandemic stuff, the riots, and then the folks that are tryin’ to get rid of history, the good and bad, we just might not be back next week.  Shore ‘nough, Pard, you’re old enough to be one of them statues they’re pullin’ down. 
     I don’t have the words to describe them–they’re beyond stupidity that’s for certain!  My mercy, an’ those youngsters are some of the most foolish I’ve ever seen, cryin’ for socialism.  Someone ought to slap the stupid out of them along with those liberal bureaucrats.  Hmmm, but if’n they did that, there wouldn’t be nothin’ left but a pool of slime.
     Let’s just sit here for a spell, and enjoy the coffee.  I reckon it won’t take us long to empty the pot.  One thing I seldom do is pass up a cup of coffee, it makes my ol’ gizzard take notice an’ smile.  Never know when there might be a coffee shortage.  Ahhh, that’s good coffee this mornin’!
     Pard, what I’m gonna do it enjoy the coffee and the days the Lord has given me.  My guns are oiled and loaded with plenty of ammunition.  I’ve been readin’ and studyin’ the Bible lookin’ at what the Lord says about livin’ this life and lookin’ for His comin’.
     Be on the alert in yur travels, Pard.  This ol’ world ain’t gettin’ any better, but yuh know what?  I’m plenty satisfied in knowin’ that the Lord is by my side come what may.  Don’t be takin’ for granted that yur saddle is on tight, yuh be checkin’ that cinch, hyar?