Coffee Percs

Some people say I take my coffee a little too seriously.”
              –Steven James (The Pawn)

    “Coffee in the mornin’, coffee at noontime, coffee at suppertime…” sorry, Pard, I didn’t hear yuh come up.  I was just singin’ a little ditty that I made up.  Yuh could tell?  Hmmm, but let me tell yuh, I went nigh onto twenty-eight hours without a cup.  It shore wasn’t none of my own doin’s I can tell yuh that.
    While all the world was goin’ haywire, my own personal life was somewhat topsy-turvy as well.  No coffee!  Am I too serious about my coffee, well, let me tell yuh for a fact.  NO!  I’m not one of those coffee snobs that will only drink a certain brew with a certain method.  If’n I’m at yur house and yuh offer me a cup, I’ll accept.  Well, that is unless it’s one of those cinos.  I’ve had some poor coffee in my lifetime, but I’ve found out one thing–poor coffee is better than no coffee.
    I see yuh smilin’ an’ shakin’ yur head.  Ha, that’s good.  Takes yur mind off all the insane stupidity that’s happenin’ in this country.  I’ll swan, folks have sure become unhinged in their thinkin’.  Oh, thinkin’ is puttin’ it lightly, ’cause they ain’t thinkin’ at all.  Now I could get myself started here, but don’t want to be gettin’ my gizzard all riled up at the people who are beyond stupid.  The good Lord will take care of them when the time comes.
    Listen, lest we forget Who is in charge.  Some folk out there, bureaucrats and others, think they’re high and mighty.  Some of them laugh, scorn, and scoff at the Lord.  Now, I know the Lord has an infinite amount of patience, but there is a time when His judgment and wrath will come into play.  Right now, my trust and hope is in Him.  
    I don’t want to take things lightly either, that’s another thing for shore.  I’m alert, the guns are oiled and loaded and ready for any kind of varmint, my Bible is for sure dusted off.  I’m tellin’ my kids and grandkids to be ready for the sound of that trumpet, but there’s only so much a feller can do.
    One more thing–Yeehaw!  Yippi-ki-yo-ki-yay, don’t forget that today is the National Day of the Cowboy.  It was established by President Bush in 2005 to recognize the hardworking symbol of the American West.
    So, I’ll take my cup of that elixir that I’m fond of, strap on my pistol, take my Bible and go sit on the porch.  There might even come a nice rain to cool things off.  “Oh, coffee in the mornin’, coffee in the afternoon, coffee…”
yuh git my drift, Pard?
    Ha, I see yur mountin’ up and plumb forgot to check yur cinch.  My, my yur headin’ for a fall.