Coffee Percs

Over a steaming cup of freshly ground, first-rate, up-and-at-‘em juice, we got each other apprised of the present pretty quick.”
              –J. Lee Butts (Ambushed)

   What’s yuh shakin’ yur head for?  Well, I certainly agree with yuh, Pard, this world is a mess.  I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with some of the foolishness that’s happenin’ in our country except for the fact that they won’t accept the Lord.  They’re bent on their own selfish and nonsensical desires.  A good, strong cup of coffee will not solve the problem but it might happen to help yuh judge the stupidity of the situation more clearly.
    Pard, it sure works on my gizzard to be talkin’ of politics.  What has happened to good ol’ country pride?  It has been warped into somethin’ bizarre.  Yur accursed if you stand for the flag, fly it in yur yard, and sing the “Star-Spangled Banner.”  Let me fill the cups again, my gizzard is actin’ up an’ I haven’t got started yet.
    Let’s move on to somethin’ different.  Did yuh know that today is Colorado Day?  Yep, Colorado became a state back in 1876.  Talk about some hard times:  miners, cowboys, clashes with the Indians, mountain men and with statehood it became “civilized.”  It stayed that way up until the 1960s then it leaped “forward” or “progressed” as they say today because they were so much more enlightened than the rest of the country, except perhaps California.  Ha, enlightenment takes a toll, but the problem is that most don’t care or are so blind they can see the truth anymore.
    Since the gizzard is already riled, let me add one thing I saw.  Educators are beginnin’ to say that World War II shouldn’t be taught in school.  It is too intense, and they further said that the youth of today are not of the mind-set to be able to handle such intensity.  My mercy, no wonder they want everythin’ handed to them.  They cry for socialism, but they don’t realize because of their limp brains that socialism would require them to work.  The grandaddy of the “state” won’t just dole out free food.  Ahhh, take a sip–let’s get back to the coffee.
    Truth is, this coffee is delicious!  But some of those enlightened folk would make it into a “cino”.  Ruin the whole pot by doin’ that.  Listen, truth is truth an’ there’s no doubt about it.  It is not relative, it is not dependin’ upon the whims of bureaucrats or educators.  All they want to give yuh is some fake, false, or artificial.  “I am the truth…” declared Jesus.  Pard, grab hold of that in these troublesome times.
    There’s another truth yuh need to be aware of an’ I keep remindin’ yuh, always check yur cinch!