Coffee Percs

The smell of coffee was in the air, and the pleasant room was quiet…  The pot was on the table and I filled a cup.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Silver Canyon)

Let me have my rant, Pard, ’cause I want the room to be pleasant and we have coffee together.  Did yuh see the foolishness, well, this particular piece of foolishness that is wanting to removed history from the curriculum in the schools?  That’s all part of the plan, Pard, get rid of history, rewrite it an’ soon you’ll have a bunch of atheistic, dim-witted, dull-thinkin’ nincompoops.  Whew!  That’s out, now let’s drink our coffee.
    Ahhh, thanks for stoppin’ by Pard.  Heat ain’t got yuh shriveled up yet, has it?  Just think, the hot weather is a time for us to be thankful for what we’re goin’ to miss in eternity, and a taste to those who haven’t accepted the Lord as Savior of what’s it’s goin’ to be like.  There won’t be any cool mornin’ or evenin’ breezes.  It just don’t make sense to live in this world with all the opportunity we have and not accept the Lord!
    My mercy, we sure see the words of Paul when he said that the minds have been blinded by the god of this age.  Yep, ol’ Slewfoot, don’t want the light of the gospel to shine on folks.  Pard, that’s part of our job, to be lights a-shinin’ in the dark and evil world.   Hmmm, Pard, reckon you and me are kinda like those old smudge pots that used to be laid out to warn people away from danger.  Yuh, know, I had a cup of coffee once that tasted sorta like some of that smudge that was burnt in those pots, but that’s another story for another Perc.
    Yuh be ridin’ safe an’ don’t let the devil get yuh all riled up.  Yuh know it’s not good for yur gizzard, nor yur liver either.  Keep yur weapons close and ready an’ if yur goin’ into rough country stop an’ check yur cinch.