Coffee Percs

They came into the living room, declining the coffee I offered.  When a person does that, a warning flag goes up in my mind.  Who turns down a cup of coffee?”
              –D.C. Adkisson (Mal de Ojo)

Come in, Pard.  I’ll bring yuh a cup sooner than yuh can place yur spurs under the table.  Careful there, don’t leave any scratches for the missus to find.  
    Ahhh, now that’s good coffee, if’n I do have to say so myself.  Yuh look right well this mornin’ so yuh must be takin’ care of yurself, or somebody is.  I’m doin’ well, I’ve stayed away from that vicious pack of wolves that snarl an’ bare their teeth at passer-bys–the media.  
    Pard, do yuh remember as a kid, the carnival would come to town, and I’d ride  the tilt-o-whirl?  It’d jerk yuh one way, then spin yuh some, then jerk another.  It was a fun ride.  That’s the way I see things ’bout now.  Bein’ jerked one way, then another, then spun some.  Let me tell yuh one thing:  I wrote somethin’ on a page dedicated to Louis L’Amour about gettin’ on with life an’ facin’ up to troubles.  A woman replied, “but my parents didn’t face the complexities that I do.”  Oh, boo-hoo.  Let’s see, the Depression, Dust Bowl, World War II, the Cold War.  If she was talkin’ ’bout the corona all they faced was tuberculosis, polio, flu.  Yuh get my drift, Pard.  She must have been a sorry sort.  What she needed was a good dose of the Holy Ghost.  He sure is One to ride the river with!
    Been ponderin’ some of the old trails.  Thinkin’ ’bout campsites along the trail of life.  Drinkin’ coffee, speakin’ of which, let me fill yur cup again.  I can remember makin’ camp a few times in the midst of a downpour, but mostly remember some wonderful sunrises and sunsets.  The Lord sure has been with me.  Yuh know, I’m a-thinkin’ there are plenty of spiritual “campsites” we make along the way as well.  Goin’ to ponder that some more.
    Get up in yur saddle, Pard, and sit tall.  There’s plenty of thievin’, sneakin’ scoundrels out there so yuh be ware of them.  Stand yur ground, read yur Bible, keep yur gun handy, and be checkin’ yur cinch before mountin’.