Coffee Percs

By the time pecan pie and coffee had been served, he had grown weary of political talk and war stories about people he didn’t know.”  
              –G.P. Hutchinson  (Strong Conviction)

Pard, I’m sick of it all.  My mercy, if anyone knows how to lie it’s the media and bureaucrats.  They lie deeper than a bug in a rug.  Worst part of it is, they don’t care as long as it pleases their selfish vanity.  But let’s drink our coffee an’ think of better things.
    Not sure where I’ll be come next Saturday.  The missus an’ me are hittin’ the trail to visit the daughter’s family back in Maryland.  That bein’ said, I wonder how those paranoid folks back there will take to a Texan comin’ for a spell.  Guess I’ll keep a clean bandanna in the pocket just in case I have to throw on a mask.
    Coffee’s good this mornin’, or is it just my wonderful personality that is makin’ yuh smile?  This ol’ world is sure topsy-turvy, at least a person can have some good, hot, strong coffee.  It kinda keeps a person on a level keel.  Speakin’ of coffee, which is the topic of the Saturday Perc, sometimes with some cowboy philosophyzin’ thrown in, I read where a fellow by the name of George Ewing, a Texas boy, said that he drank somewhere up to 48,000 gallons of coffee in the 53 years of his life.  Hmmm, makes me wonder about how many I’ve had over the years.
    Say, Pard, before we have to leave this Saturday, I’ll empty the pot in yur cup, but I’ve figured out a way to shut out the lies of the media.  Instead of readin’ or listenin’ to them spout lies, there’s a cure in readin’ the holy writ of the Bible.  It’s like cotton in the ears when the talkers get to runnin’ their jaws.
    Be seein’ yuh sometime, maybe next week, maybe not.  Yep, I’m not forgettin’, I’ll be checkin’ my cinch before ridin’ out.
                             Vaya con Dios.