Coffee Percs

He had eaten a meal of beef and chili and enjoyed several cups of coffee, and after that he had walked out back and seated himself on a rock in the sun.”
”Louis l”Amour

It’s been a week pard, I shore got tired, but get on in here and sit yourself down.  I’ll go get the coffee.  Plenty of chores today, so made plenty of coffee, hot and strong.  I’ll be glad when this election is over; so tired of the media, so tired of the ads already.  Yuh know we have two of the oldest candidates, if that term even fits them, runnin’ for office.  Few have been older.
Seems like those heavenly horses are stirrin’.  The Lord will surely be releasin’ those first four soon.  Look at the world; my how can it get any worse; evil is rampant.  What will it be like when evil is cut loose?  Just can imagine it.  Right now we’re just gettin’ a taste of what the world will face.  Maybe the Lord has the coffee on the heavenly stove right now, for that Marriage Supper can’t be very far away.
Ahhh, that’s good coffee.  I think craziness is the world right now.  Confusion seems to be the norm.  Now if there is confusion ’round pard, we know where that comes from.  Yep, the ol’ devil himself.  Notice, there is even the effort for those runnin’ for the president to confuse the issues; that right there should tell you somethin’.  One thing sure, this coffee is straight!  Makes the ol’ gizzard smile.  I’ll try and get you out of here before graylight comes on, just now beginnin’.
You have a good day pard, the week is a-waitin’ so need to get this one finished up.  Don’t go drinkin’ any weak coffee, and don’t forget to check your cinch.