Coffee Percs

The beans were good, the coffee better, and he divided a chunk of sourdough betwixt us.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (Tucker)

It was a good trip, Pard.  We had a little cabin up on Little Pine Creek in northern Pennsylvania.  The wife was able to see plenty of relatives and we broke bread together.  I don’t think it was sourdough, but the fixin’s were good, just the same.  Plus on our little trip we sat by the fire and drank plenty of coffee.  Yes, it was a good trip.
    A person just never knows what next week might hold for them.  Why there could be an unexpected obstacle along the trail or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Not sayin’ there is, for I’ve been there a couple of times and there weren’t no gold, or else someone had already come along an’ swiped it.
    Speakin’ of not knowin’ what may come along just think of the President and his wife.  All should be prayin’ for them instead of playin’ the devil.  My mercy, it’s a real shame when folks are laughin’ and hopin’ the President dies.  That goes to show yuh the state of our country.  Shame, real shame.
    That son of that preacher Billy, Franklin, has said it right, “President Trump will stay President until God’s vision is complete.”  Now what that is, I don’t rightly know, but His plan will come to pass.  Pard, we need to be prayin’ for the man, his wife, and the country.  The Lord is bringin’ His will to pass, yuh better put worldly things aside and be trustin’ in Him.
    Yeah, I know, my coffee got cold, but I’ll get a refill.  In fact, I’ve got some coffee from Canada on the trip, no bad, at least the way I fix it.  Don’t yuh go traipsin’ around in a stew all week, be trustin’ in the Lord.  Be alert, keep yur weapons handy, and be sure and check yur cinch before mountin’!

          Vaya con Dios!