Coffee Percs

I think it was that coffee of yours that saved my life.  You make mighty good coffee.”
              –Charles G. West (Hell Hath No Fury)

Come on, Pard, get in this kitchen or the “Gobble-uns ‘at gits you ef you don’t watch out!” as the ol’ bard, Jim Riley would tell us.  Sure don’t figure why people want to get skeered and play with the devil’s things.  It just don’t rightly make sense to me.  I get skeered enough when I see some of those faces on facebook.  Whoooeee, it’s enough to get the gizzard all riled.  Pard, want me to stay up in case I hear yuh a-screamin’ in the night?  My coffee might not save yur life, but it’ll take the worries away.
    Ahhh, how ’bout that.  Soothin’, scrumptious, delectable to the palate.  Breathe in that aroma as yuh take a sip.  Ain’t God good that He made such a calmin’ an’ tasty a thing as coffee.  Even with the elections comin’ up, it’s a good day to be alive.
    Ha, I saw somethin’ funny this week.  After I got over the fright of the picture, I read the context.  Old Hillary, who hates the Electoral College all of a sudden has found herself as a delegate to the Electoral College in New York.  Yuh know, somethin’s just make me shake my head.  ‘Course that don’t say too much ’bout them folk in New York.
    Me?  Nah, I’m not worryin’ none ’bout the election.  It will tell the course of our country; whether we sell our soul to the devil or continue with the good fight.  Either way, I’m in the Lord’s hands and as the ol’ song says, “I know my Lord’s gonna lead me out of this pilgrim land.”
    Yuh be careful if’n yuh have to go out this night.  Yes, I know the Lord will go with yuh, but He don’t expect yuh to be doin’ nothin’ foolish.  Yuh beware of the “gobble-uns,” or the “woke,” or any other such varmint out there.  Don’t be foolish for He for sure don’t expect yuh to not check yur cinch.
         Vaya con Dios.