Coffee Percs

When we’d cleaned up our mess and each had a cup of coffee in front of us, I began to tell him what had happened today.”
              –Lou Bradshaw (Agular)

“Ohhhh, along the trail that’s windin’ always upward, this troubled world…” sorry Pard, yuh caught me in a moment of jubilation.  With all the consternation out there, I’m gonna keep my heart focused on my faithful Lord.  
    Say, but get in here, I promise I won’t cut loose with my singin’ until yuh leave, unless yuh want to sing along with me.  I’ve got the coffee on, and it is stronger than black sorghum.  Just right to keep yur liver runnin’ smoothly, an’ don’t rile the gizzard either.
    Take a sip, for I’ve got somethin’ to talk to yuh about.  Yuh keep funnin’ me about always remindin’ yuh to check yur cinch.  Well, I was watchin’ that ol’ bronc-buster Stoney Burke the other night.  Right off, a cowpoke is ridin’ one of them cantankerous hosses, yuh know the kind.  All of a sudden things went bad for him, the horse fell an’ the rider went with it.  It ended up that the rider was killed.  Upon checkin’ the cause it was found that he had an’ old, torn cinch and it ripped apart with all the buckin’.  Now if that could happen in fiction why for shore it could in real life.  So don’t yuh be hawin’ at me when I go to remindin’ you!
    This ol’ world ain’t the same as it was when we was a growin’ up.  No, sure ain’t, an’ Pard I don’t believe it is goin’ to get any better.  My mercy, the lyin’, the riotin’, the thievin’ that’s happenin’.  It’s a wonder that the good Lord don’t holler down at us, “that’s enough.”  But yuh know, I think He has an’ we’ve done gone an’ ignored what He’s said.  Pard, it just don’t make sense, yuh see the reason for the strong coffee this mornin’, now?
    I know, yur headin’ out since the pot’s dry.  Well, yuh be careful.  Don’t be mountin’ any rank hosses, nor forgettin’ to watch where yuh step.  Yeah, I know there’s a lot to be rememberin’ about bein’ wary in this world, but best yuh don’t forget none of it.  Be alert, that ol’ slewfoot would jist like to knock yuh out of the saddle.
    Oh yeah, don’t forget to check that cinch! Ha!  “This troubled world is not my final home.” Yeehaw!
          Vaya con Dios,