Coffee Percs

The fire was kindled, and the coffee pot prepared.”  
              –Johnny Gunn  (Terror on Flat Top Ridge)

Ugh, that’s an old Indian word for “taxes”!  At least that’s what ol’ John Hardwood told me.  ‘Course, he used “Ugh” for just about anything disagreeable.  Well, at least they’re paid for another year.  Before yuh, take a sip, I need to warn yuh that’s it’s extra strong.  If’n yuh don’t think so, before yuh take a sip, jerk one of them hairs from yur scraggly moustache, stick it in, an’ see if it don’t stand up straight.  After payin’ muh taxes I need some strong coffee, plus the fact I’ve been readin’ some of the most ridiculous, antiChristian, lack of common sense garbage.
    My mercy, Pard, this nation must be grievin’ the heart of the Father.  After all He’s blessed us with, and brought us through, and guided us through hard times, He just has to be.  I’m a-thinkin’ there’s no hope for America unless there is a genuine “Awakening.”  
    Well, I’m not goin’ to go on ’bout politics.  Can’t do much about it and all it does it rile my innards.  I’d rather stay cool and calm.  Why some of them liars could bring the hate out of me, an’ that wouldn’t be right.  The Lord will take care of them in His good time.  Plus He’s not nervous at all, so why should I be?  He expects me to be prepared, but also to be trustin’ in Him
    Pard, yuh be keepin’ life simple.  Check yur gear, make sure its in workin’ order, read yur Bible.  Don’t be pollutin’ yurself with lies and shady characters.  And for mercies’ sake, be checkin’ yur cinch.
        Vaya con Dios.