Coffee Percs

Then he blew on his coffee to cool it before taking a long careful slurp…ahh, real coffee.”
              –J.V. James  (Frye)

I had me a notion to sleep in, but I knew yuh’d be here waitin’ for me.  Guess I did a little, since it’s graylight out.  My, it’s a little foggy out this mornin’ in our neck of the woods.  That dampness makes the ol’ rheumatize start dancin’ in my bones.  Ahhh, but that is good coffee this mornin’; makes gettin’ up worth it.
    Say, yuh got yur turkey yet?  No, I don’t mean for yuh to go shootin’ at them bureaucrats.  I don’t think a buzzard would bother with some of them.  They’re just walkin’ corpses anyways, sooner or later one of them is shore to strangle on one of their own lies.
    Time for campin’, but they just put out a burn-ban in the county.  I’d think it was one of them bureaucrat shenanigans if I didn’t know our county better.  Why, part of the fun of campin’ is sittin’ ’round the campfire, jawin’ and sippin’ coffee whether it be breakfast or nighttime.  
    I’m plannin’ on sittin’ around the campstove, or by the side of the lake, drinkin’ plenty of coffee and contemplaitin’ on the goodness an’ faithfulness of the Lord.  I’m goin’ to enjoy family an’ friends, an’ yep, there’ll more ‘n’ likely be more than six.  I’m shore not goin’ to let fear run me down in the autumn of my life.
    We need to be thankin’ the Lord for His blessin’s not livin’ in fear ‘fraid of bein’ with friends and family.  Fear comes from our mind, an’ it’s ol’ slewfoot that puts the thoughts there then he giggles at how we accept them.  No!  My trust is in the Lord.
    Lookee, here now, we’ve done drunk us up a pot of coffee.  My mercy, where did the time go to this mornin’?  Yuh be havin’ yurself a fine Thanksgivin’!  Be thankful, count yur blessin’s.
    An’ remember that time yuh didn’t check yur cinch.  Be thankful that yuh didn’t fall out of yur saddle.  Not only is it embarrassin’, it hurts, and let me tell yuh, that ground comes up faster than it used to.
         Vaya con Dios.