Coffee Percs

I sat there, enjoying the last drippings of the bacon by licking them off my fingers and enjoying the last of the coffee made from that wonderful mountain water.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (Winter of the Wolves)

Get in here and sat yurself at the table.  Careful of them spurs; I’ve warned yuh before.  The elixir from the crushed bean is waitin’ for yuh.  Nope, sorry, it’s not made from that cold, mountain water, but it’ll still get yuh up an runnin’.
    Now, take a sip, an’ get ready for I’ve got somethin’ important to tell yuh.  Pard, life is not magical, an’ I think yuh know that.  Yuh don’t wriggle yur nose, nor say “abbra cadadabra” and expect things to change.  Let me tell yuh straight–people are supposin’ that come 2021 that things are goin’ to automatically change.  ‘Tain’t so!  From what I can tell that virus from the “Pit” is here to stay, just like the flu.  But let me also tell yuh, changes are about to come, so yuh best be ready for them.
    We now have folks in the power center that believe God’s Word is hooey, and believe that right is wrong and wrong is right.  They’re as confused as a termite in a yo-yo.  They don’t know if they’re goin’ up or down, or spinnin’ around.  However, they spout out some of the most unsensical things.  I’ve heard some idiotic things that they plan to put in place.
    Ahhh, sure do like sittin’ here with yuh on a Saturday drinkin’ coffee.  Makes the world seem all right, but if I recall the words of that ol’ apostle John, the world’s in the sway of the devil.  Yep, an’ ol’ slewfoot is a-grinnin’ that he has a bunch of his crew in charge.  But I’ve news for him, the Lord God Almight is in charge,  Yep, an’ that’s a fact!
    Pot’s empty, so reckon you’ll be goin’.  Sometimes, Pard, I think the only thing yuh stop by for is to be drinkin’ my coffee.  Well, that’s all right.  Oh, one more thing before yuh mount up–my new book is ready for yuh to read.  Yuh might want to get yurself a copy to read; that is if yuh can.  Ha, that’s a joke, Pard.
    Yuh be watchful, and did yuh check that cinch?  
    Vaya con Dios.