Coffee Percs

It was a fire burning at the entrance of the cave.  Crispin was boiling coffee and frying bacon.  The smell attacked his nostrils.”
               –Cliff Hudgins (Viejo and the Ranger)

     “Ohhhh, can’t yuh hear them bells, ringin’, ringin'” Say, good mornin’ to yuh, Pard.  I was just singin’ away, havin’ a joyful song in my heart, while waitin’ for yuh to show up.  What?  Didn’t sound too joyful?  My, Pard, yuh just don’t hear the way I hear.
     My mercy, Pard, Christmas is a week away!  Waitin’ for?  Pard, I have to wait, Christmas is not until next Friday.  Oh, I see, I haven’t poured the coffee yet.  Say, I haven’t heard much from those crazy folk wantin’ nothin’ to be said, about Christmas, the birth of Jesus or any of the rest of the Christmas story.  Yuh know those fools–atheists I think they’re called.  Guess there is too much on their mind. 
     There’s plenty of Grinches and Grumpies and Scrooges out there, let me tell you.  Of course, I don’t watch the television much, don’t listen much to the liars of the media, don’t take a newspaper, and didn’t get out shoppin’ much.  Isolated, yuh say!  Nope, not really, I just don’t want much to do with all the lies and shenanigans.  But I did hear this, there is a bunch of hoopla over the vaccine for the virus.  Hmmm, when I heard that I was a-wonderin’ if my coffee was strong enough to ward away any virus.
     By this time next week, yu’ll have eaten yur fill, and opened yur presents.  Listen, Christmas is a-comin’ and that doesn’t mean just presents, though there will be those.  It don’t just mean ornaments, decorations, and carols, yet that is so much a part of it.  The main thing is to realize and recognize that first great Christmas, of the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  The second focus should be on the comin’ together of family for festivities and memories.
     And, Pard, as soon as yuh check yur cinch, mount up and ride off, I’m goin’ to burst out in joyful song again.  Might even start as yuh sit there.  Yeehaw! “Joy, joy, hear them singin’…Christmas is a-comin’!”