Coffee Percs

They sat quietly drinking their coffee and watching the light go from the sky.”
              –C. Wayne Winkle (Down the Long Trail)

Mornin’, Pard.  Yep, I’m a little late.  I was nice and cozy, and it’s cold outside, but then figured yuh might be ridin’ by.  Hope the coffee’s to yur likin’ this mornin’.  Say, do yuh realize that this is the last Saturday in 2020, that means the last Perc for the year as well.
    Take a deep sip, ahhh.  Now do I have a story to tell.  No, it’s not a story about the day after Christmas.  But, my, my, wasn’t yesterday wonderful?  We had a grand time.  Ol’ Santa didn’t stop by, but my family shore poured the gifts on this ol’ boy.  But back to my story.  It’s about trust.  How many people do yuh trust?  I mean trust with yur life or yur family?
    “Pepe Rodriguez was one outlaw who misplaced his trust.  He was one of the most notorious bank robbers in the old west.  He lived just across the border in Mexico, but he regularly crept into Texas towns to rob banks.  Then, he’d slip back into Mexico before the Texas Rangers could catch him.
     “In hot pursuit one day, the frustrated lawmen were so embarrassed they illegally crossed the border.  They finally cornered Pepe in a Mexican bar.  Unfortunately, Pepe couldn’t speak any English.  So, the Rangers asked the bartender to translate.  When the bartender explained in Spanish who the Texas Rangers were, Pepe began to shake in fear.  With guns drawn, the Rangers ordered the bartender to ask Pepe where he had hidden all the money he had stolen from the Texas banks.
    “Tell him if he doesn’t tell us where the money is right now, we’re going to gun him down on the spot!” they threated.
    “The bartender translated the message to the quivering outlaw.  Immediately, Pepe explained in Spanish that the money was hidden in the town well.  They could find the money by counting down seventeen stones from the handle and looking behind the seventeenth stone.  All the loot he had stolen was hidden there.
    “The bartender turned to the Rangers and said in perfect English, ‘Pepe is a very brave man.  He says you are a bunch of stinking pigs, and he is not afraid to die!'”

    So, Pard, who do yuh trust?  Yuh drank that coffee, so yuh must have had some trust in me.  Yuh sit in the saddle and ride, so yuh trust that cinch not to give.  Trust is a vital part of life.  Take some time to think about trust; make sure yur a trustworthy person.  Don’t be forgettin’ the great Friend.  He is closer than a brother.  He purchased us with a price, His own blood.  He is a Person yuh can trust.
      Vaya con Dios.