Coffee Percs

The coffee was hot and strong enough to stand by itself, without any cup.  I drank it and liked it.”
              –Louis L’Amour (The Proving Trail)

Welcome, Pard, welcome.  Woooeee, we’ve got a new year in front of us.  Let’s climb aboard and see what kind of ride we’ll have this year.  Yeehaw!  Powder River let ‘er buck!
    Whew, enough of that.  I don’t want to get worn out right at the start.  Coffee’s on; it’s hot and strong.  Fact is; its downright black.  I received a gift of a new brand out of San Antonio, Texas–Gonzalez Garrison, and it’ll catch yur attention, but this mornin’, due to yur delicate nature I stuck with my regular blend–strong.
    Looking back over the years, I’ve come to the conclusion that though it is a New Year, nothing is really new.  Same ol’ stuff from December 31st is followin’ us into the year.  Fact of the matter, I heard that the virus has mutated in Colorado, and there’s a new one found in China.  My, can you believe that?  Ha, ha, the world is wringin’ their hands, that is, except for those in charge.
    Me, well, I’m thinkin’ that right now the best I can do is sit down, watch the birds flitter on the branches, and sip my coffee slow and easy.  Ahhh, not much I can do about the world’s situation, and I’m surely not goin’ to get in a frenzy over a virus whether it’s natural or man-made.  One way or the other, the Lord will see me through.  He’ll see me through the troubles of 2021, or He’ll see me over the Great Divide and into those pearly gates.
    Thanks for joinin’ me this first Saturday of 2021.  Always enjoy yuh stoppin’ by an’ always have time to swaller some coffee with yuh.  Don’t yuh be forgettin’ yur resolutions!  Check yur cinch!  See, some things don’t change.
     Vaya con Dios,