Coffee Percs

I settled down with a small fire, the air now turning brisk, and sipped at my coffee looking up at the stars.”
              –D. C. Adkisson  (The Shepherd)

Ha,ha,ha, don’t mind me Pard, I’m just singin’.  “Awomen, see the little baby, awomen; lyin’ in a manger, on Christmas mornin’, awomen, awomen, awomen.”  Ha,ha,ha; if it wasn’t so sad, it would be hilarious.
    Come on in, Pard, the coffee’s waitin’ for us.  My, my, what a week it’s been.  It’s already started and Biden hasn’t even been sworn in yet.  I wonder if at a restaurant if we’ll have our choice of womenu or menu?  Yuh know, I make fun of it, and it is rather silly, but on another note it is downright serious.  Making jest of God’s creation, man and woman.
    Then the riotin’ in D.C.  Another mess, and there’s something not quite right with what’s bein’ reported.  Oh, well, what can one expect from a country that no longer believes in or practices the Truth?  And now there’s another impeachment looming.  My goodness with only twelve days left, the House is going to waste time on impeachment rather than get down to business.  Well, that’s a paid bureaucrat for yuh.  Puttin’ yur money to good use.  What I see is hatred in action.
    I don’t know about you, Pard, but this ol’ boy is goin’ settle back, enjoy the woods and wildlife that come a-visitin’, and enjoy my coffee.  Ahhhh, not goin’ to let the media trouble my ol’ gizzard–I’ve been keepin’ it calm and soothed, and plan on keepin’ it that way.
    Along with good coffee, keepin’ things simple, the Lord’s been fillin’ my heart with songs.  Join me, “I’m gonna cling to His precious hand, and I know my Lord’s gonna lead me out of the pilgrim land.”  Yeehaw!  Just have to put a hearty end to it.  I would have said “Amen,” but don’t want to be gettin’ myself into trouble.
    Yuh be watchful now as yuh travel the roads out there.  Don’t be a-frettin’, just be rememberin’ that the Lord has everythin’ under control.  Why even if yur cinch slips, He’s there with yuh.
    Vaya con Dios.