Coffee Percs

The others nodded their heads in agreement, looking into their coffee as their eyes glazed with their thinking and wondering.”  
              –B.N. Rundell  (Escape to Exile)

Come on in, Pard, I’ll get yur coffee.  I’ve been fightin’ a case of the gripe since Wednesday.  A fever?  No, not the grippe, the gripe!  No, it’s not the China virus.  The gripe!  Have you not ever had a gripe with someone or something?   I remember having the gripe once diggin’ out a tree stump, another time I was out fishin’ and got a terrible backlash in my reel–the gripe.  That’s when yuh get angry without sinnin’ and, Pard, at times it’s hard.
    See, yur ponderin’ what I said, for I see yuh starin’ in yur cup.  Or is there a gnat in it?  Don’t yuh strangle on it while swallowin’.  No, jist thinkin’ about the absurdity of our supposed leaders; bah, bureaucrats!  Another impeachment.  I would think with all the goin’s on in this country, Antifa, BLM, the virus, and other things they would have something better to do than fill their own ego.  Why, Pard, it’s already full of hatred and bitterness.
    More and more, I’m seein’ the truth of what Proverbs calls a “fool.”  More and more, in my ol’ age, I’m seein’ the scriptures bein’ fulfilled, that wickedness will abound in the last days.  Drink up, Pard, don’t mean to have yuh staring in yur cup, and yur eyes a-glazin’ over.  Perk up!  The Lord is in charge, so that’s why I got the hatred out.  The Lord told me to be workin’ at doin’ good where I’m at.  Keep my gizzard juice all sweet.  Too many other ailments in this ol’ body so sure don’t need the gripe.
    Pard!  Stop!  Yur gonna make me gripe at you!  Check that cinch!  And don’t yuh be ridin’ where yuh shouldn’t be this week.  Stay away from things that might sour yur gizzard.
    Vaya con Dios.