Coffee Percs

He had a frying pan and coffeepot in his saddle roll; and some bacon and a can of beans.  He boiled up the coffee, fried the bacon and heated the beans in the frying pan’s grease.  Having no other utensils, they took turns at the frying pan, using their pocket knives, and drank the coffee straight from the pot.”
            –Ernest Haycox  (Saddle and Ride)

Git yurself in here, Pard, before the hostiles see yuh.  I’m bein’ overdramatic, but yuh never know, there might come a day when we’ll be declared the hostiles.  Right now there are some sayin’ that folks such as you and me need to have our brains deprogrammed.  Hmmm, I don’t recall havin’ them programmed the first time.
    Speakin’ of hostiles, I have a print hanging up in my office by Fred Deaver, titled, “Hostile Sound.”  The ol’ boy sittin’ by the night’s fire hears somethin’ and is reachin’ for his Hawken rifle.  He was ready, alert, as we all should be, not just because the days are gettin’ more evil, however that is reason enough, but because the Lord instructed us to walk in this world, alert, wary, with courage and integrity.
    How’s the coffee?  It’s all the way from that country of New Guinea.  It and Kona are my two favorites.  Don’t pay the price of Kona only on rare occasions, but New Guinea, made strong, and drank black will sure enough help get yuh through the day.  Did yuh read what that ol’ boy Haycox wrote?  I’ve traveled many a mile with a coffeepot in the steel mount.  Stopped several times along the way to boil up a pot, plus kept it in case of desperate times.  When I lived up in northern country a person might not know when they might get caught in a blizzard.  I had some sterno, a little stove, coffee, water, and a pot to brew it up–just in case.
    Blizzard–kinda of what the bureaucrats are in now.  They can’t see their way to do anything but what is contrary to God’s Word.  They wander around gropin’ in the fog of the storm.  The ol’ guy they put in charge is a real case of lunacy in charge.  Be alert pard, there’s hostiles.  
    One thing, for certain, even with the nut and in the highest office of the land, he is allowed to be there by the Almighty, and for a reason.  Yuh know that could be scary if it wasn’t for the Almighty bein’ in charge.  ‘Bout like ridin’ out into a blizzard without checkin’ yur cinch.
     Vaya con Dios,