Coffee Percs

The campfire felt good.  Even with their coats and gloves, it was cold.  They cooked a meal and ate, then cooked a second pot of coffee.”
              –R.O. Nash (Will Fain)

Don’t stand out there in the cold, get in this kitchen.  Yuh’ve been waitin’ for me?  Well, right sorry about that.  I was somewhat lazy, and felt good in the blankets.  My mercy, this has been a week for the books.  Can’t say I’ve had a week quite like this one before, and Pard, I don’t care for another.
    I remember growing up in cold weather, colder than what I’ve seen this week, but I was younger then, more spry.  And in Colorado we were prepared for such weather.  But now that I’m on the oldward trend, the bones ache some, and I prefer to stay warm.  Yep, time and Texas has spoiled this ol’ fence post,
    I won’t go into our troubles, for there are many out there worse off than the missus and me.  At least we have a place to stay, my youngest daughter and her family took us in.  We are waiting for the insurance adjuster to check out the water damage in the house, so we can put in a new floor, etc, and move back home.
    Pard, with the power out I couldn’t even keep the coffee going.  I thought about building a large fire and makin’ some, but reckoned that I’d get even colder sitting outside.  I’ve done that plenty of times.  Side by the fire is hot and the backside is freezin’.  I know that the rain falls on the just and the unjust, but my mercy, nothing is mentioned ’bout the cold.  We had several people from our church come an’ help strip the floors; sure is nice to have folks to count on.
    How’s the coffee this mornin’?  Daughter made it, she and my wife are out finding a laundry to wash, since some of the water is out at her house.  I think I’ve taught her well, she makes a pretty good cup of coffee.  As I was sayin’, the folk from the church sure helped out.  That’s the way the Lord meant it to be, takin’ care of each other when needed.
    Listen Pard, I’m goin’ to try to stay warm, and I hope to be seein’ yuh soon.  Now listen, jist because it’s cold don’t mean that yuh shouldn’t check yur cinch, don’t be in too big a hurry to neglect that.
     Vaya con Dios.