Coffee Percs

We made our fire, and we all had coffee and fried salt pork.  Coffee made me feel better.”
              –Robert Parker

Come on in, Pard, throw yur spurs under the table, whilst I pour us some coffee.  Ahhh, already had one cup, but been waitin’ for yuh, honest.  Take a sip while I tell yuh somethin’ that I figured out.  Now, get yurself ready for this–we are now witnessin’ the woke version of looney-tunes.  Yep, that’s a fact!  What finally made me come to the conclusion was this week, ol’ Joe Biden called Governor Abbott and us Texans “neanderthals” for demasking and gettin’ back to the common chores of the week.  (Remember, that has-been bureaucrat called us “deplorables” once).  Right after ol’ quick pen said that, he then released numerous migrants onto Texas soil, many with the virus.  Yep, now yuh tell me who’s deplorable!
    Add to that the complete stupidity of transgendering and all that goes with it, and remember, these are yur congress-persons who say with part of their forked tongue that science mandates masks and vaccines, yet with the other part of the forked tongue disregard science when it comes to biology in regard to male and female.  Yep, Pard, really woke!
    Go ahead, take yurself a deep swaller.  For sure, it’ll make yuh feel some better.  Now that we know we are livin’ in the midst of looney-tunes it makes the day seem brighter.  But poor ol’ Mr. Potato Head, and Dr. Seuss, but there yuh go, just part of the woke looney-tunes.  They’ve already barred several books and movies.  It seems that folk, the woke, just can’t handle reality.  I don’t know if they think they are living in “Never, Never Land” or in “Wonderland” with the Mad Hatter.
    One thing about reality, Pard, with the bureaucrats of the looney-tunes leadin’ this land, we are livin’ in it with them.  Lord, help us through the jungles!  Makes one focus on checkin’ his cinch.
     Vaya con Dios.