Coffee Percs

We dragged ourselves to the fire, grabbed up tin cups and drank down several cups of steaming coffee.”
              –Richard P. Hobson, Jr.  (Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy)

Hope yur not draggin’ Pard.  Seems somethin’s ailin’ yuh.  Sit yurself down, the coffee’s ready, and I’ll get yuh a cup poured.  It’ll help yur ailin’ soul an’ give hustle to yur bustle.  Ahhh, not bad, not bad at’ll.
    Don’t yuh be tellin’ me that the bureaucrats are givin’ yuh fits.  Yuh know they’re liars.  Anything to fill their never-empty pockets.  Most of them care little for us common folk unless it’s election time.  Why I’ve heard of those homeless derelicts on the street be given a cheap bottle of wine and ten dollars to vote for a certain individual.  Yep, they really helped that poor ol’ boy.
    Say, yuh know all that money we pour into insurance?  I’m gonna get some of it back.  Yep, hopefully work will get started and me an’ the missus we’ll be able to move back in fairly soon.  I miss watchin’ the sun come up of a mornin’.  ‘Course, it’s been a spell since yuh’ve gotten up that early.  Hmmm, maybe that’s why yur draggin’ in this mornin’.  We’ll wait an’ see just how much my insurance goes up next year.  Those ol’ boys are near as bad as the bureaucrats; they make sure they get their money.
    Let me fill that cup for yuh.  Listen, Pard, I learned a long time ago not to be expectin’ too much from those politikcians an’ other forms of bureaucratic vermin.  If I get something, I say “thank the Lord,” for He has to work through those hearts of stone.  If’n I don’t get nothin’, I won’t be disappointed.  I’ve always tried to keep my hands in those of the Master.  The Lord knows just what I need, an’ when I need it.  Hmmm, maybe that’s why my hair is still brown though my eyes have turned a paler blue from washing my face over the years.
    So, it’s time to head out.  Why, Pard, yuh left a swaller in yur cup.  My mercy, next yu’ll be forgettin’ to check yur cinch.