Coffee Percs

We sat there, drank some coffee, and counted our blessings.”
              –D.C. Adkisson (Mal de Ojo)

Come on in Pard, the coffee’s on the stove waitin’ for yuh.  Do yuh remember ol’ Stiff-Lipped Lou and Skinny Thompson?  They came by last week with mopey looks on the faces.  There was always was something fearful ’bout Skinny.  I was concerned that he’d fall through a hole in the seat of his pants and choke himself to death, but guess he checks his britches regularly.
    Go ahead an’ take a sip while I continue.  They were goin’ on ’bout the fact that taxes are goin’ up, that the price of groceries are goin’ up, that gas is goin’ up.  I listened to their moanin’ noddin’ my head now and again.  Lots of things are changin’, why them power-hungry bureaucrats are wantin’ a vaccine passort.  Talk about anti-American.  Imagine what our forefathers would have thought about that.  Yuh cayn’t travel from place to place without yur shot passport.  I don’t like the idea of the bureaucrats tryin’ to manipulate us.
    Pard, let me refill yur cup.  I then went on to remind them that they are not in the dark like those disciples of Jesus on that dark Saturday after the cross.  Imagine them, fearful, lackin’ in faith, sittin’ in a little room.  They probably looked at each other, questions in their eyes, with hope lost.  Here we are, knowin’ the story and ol’ Lou and Skinny were fearful ’bout the future.  Hope is alive, I told them, have faith that the Lord will take care of their needs.
    Well, enough bein’ said.  That Good Friday, which the disciples might at that time called “Dark Friday” finished the purpose of our Lord comin’ to earth.  Pard, things were dark then, but I told them Sunday’s comin’.  Things might be dark in their lives now, but yuh know, there’s a bright tomorrow waitin’ for us.
    Pard, yuh best be gettin’ out an’ buyin’ yur sweetie an Easter lily.  Don’t get yurself in such a hurry that yuh forget to check yur cinch though.
     Vaya con Dios.