Coffee Percs

Going back in I picked up the coffeepot; reckoned I might as well make a fresh pot.”
              –D.C. Adkisson  (Redemption)

Greetings Pard, come in I’ve got some Kona blend brewing.  Yuh know, I figured out what they mean when they say “Kona blend”; it means there is at least one Kona bean in the bag.  There may be more, but guarantee of one.  But gives it a taste–not bad.
    Pard, I know the world is in a dither.  Things that were once true, the “woke folk” say that it is no longer true.  Why just the other day I saw where soap dispensers are now racist.  Is it just confusion, or plain stupidity, or is there somethin’ more sinister going on?  Some of it is so ridiculous you want to laugh and then realize that the “woke folk” mean what they’re sayin’.  We need more like ol’ Phil.  He said somethin’ the other day that this country should take to heart, “What in the world happened to America’s manhood and its boldness?  Can’t even stand a black cup of coffee these days.  Now, ain’t that the truth–them “woke folk” want that frothy, sweet stuff.
    Now, that’s a fresh pot of coffee, I want yuh to know.  I remember Grandma would keep a pot goin’ on the stove in case visitors came by, but often she’d say, “let me make a fresh pot.”  So I got to figurin’ that whenever possible I’ll put a fresh pot on when company comes an’ that includes you, Pard.
    I was a-readin’ the other day about those that do not obey the Lord.  There are many things found in Deuteronomy 28, but one verse stuck in my mind since we are livin’ in such chaotic and confusin’ times.  Ponder this for a while, “The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart.” (Deuteronomy 28:28, NKJV)  In fact, it would be good to ponder the whole chapter; say, make that yur weekly project.
    Pard, let me tell yuh that “they” are after yuh, so yuh ride wary and alert.  Keep yur weapons handy, that Bible and yur .45.  Yuh notice that I carry a Greener with me when departin’ the home place.  Evil is out there just a-lurkin’ to snatch you.
    Yuh’ve been checkin’ that cinch haven’t yuh.  Guess so, since there’s no new lumps on yur head.
      Vaya con Dios.