Coffee Percs

campfire 2“We made our fire, and we all had coffee and fried salt pork.  Coffee made me feel better.”
–Robert B. Parker

Whooee pard, did I sleep hard last night.  It was hard pullin’ out of the sack this mornin’.  But have the coffee ground, brewed, and ready to pour, so set yourself down.  Sure am gettin’ tired of election commercials.  Gettin’ tired of the media and their gab.  Gettin’ tired of this election commotion – period.  Good thing the Lord is in charge of our lives, for if that woman gets elected and the Senate goes back to Democrat, well bar-the-door.  Plus we’ll see what happens to the 2nd Amendment.
Been ponderin’ some; tryin’ to keep the ol’ gray matter movin’.  Things have really changed the past 10-20 years.  I really see it in the classroom and it’s pourin’ out into the street.  We’ve got some coddled youngsters out there, and what I call some out-an’-out punks.  Gettin’ quite tired of hearin’ them cry about entitlement.  Just like those who won’t stand for the National Anthem cause there are injustices out there.  Yep, there sure are, but much better than other places to live.  All that is happenin’ is makin’ people angry and upset and that sure don’t help.
Right now I’ll take a little entitlement; I think we’re both entitled to ‘nother cup of coffee.  Sometimes it’s hard to quit stewin’ over situations, especially those that we can’t do much about.  It keeps the gizzard riled up and that’s not good.  If the Lord is truly in charge of our lives, He’ll see us through, and help us straighten our aim.  So don’t go out there pickin’ trouble, there’s ‘nough of it that come your way.
When life starts to buck, the Lord will be with you.  He does expect us to do our part, so before you mount that bronc, I sure hope you checked your cinch.