Coffee Percs

It was good sitting there in the cool of early morning, with the faint smell of woodsmoke in the air, the smell of frying bacon, the smell of good coffee.”
              –Louis L’Amour  (The Lonely Men)

Why shore the coffee tastes like mud this mornin’, they were grounds earlier.  Ha, that’s what yuh get for callin’ me older than dirt, why I’m just a youngster yet.  I remember the days though…the day of runnin’ the prairie with ol’ Bill.  No, not Grizz, but Buffalo.  He shore was a grand guy, lots of stories to tell, but say, when a person gets on up in years, well, like me, there are plenty of stories.  Mind you, stories, not lies.  I well remember my Grandpa sayin’ that the only thing different between him and George Washington was that the Father of our Country couldn’t tell a lie.  Grandpa said that he could, but just wouldn’t do it–in fact, the straight of the matter is that the truth often seems more far-fetched than the lies.  
    But what do people want to believe?  Yuh got it, the lies.  Lies and liars, why they seem to be part of the times.  Makes a person wonder where the truth-tellers went.  In fact, if a person stands up today to tell the truth, the liars with their cohorts, the media, brand them a liar.  Go figure…
    Ahhh, the coffee isn’t really all that bad this mornin’.  Tastes mighty good.  The breeze is nice, and, well, Pard, it’s good to be breathin’ that fresh mornin’ air that the Lord has provided.  Some places I’ve been the air ain’t so fresh in the mornin’, nor is the coffee very tasty.  Why I’ve seen some folk drink coffee that yuh can see through.  A facsimile of coffee, sorta like chicken soup.  Ol’ Pappy used to say upon tastin’ some soup that they must have put galoshes on the chicken and had it walk through the broth.  Well, that’s the way some folks’ coffee  is.  Hmmm, now to think of it, that’s the way some folks’ lives are–just barely a taste of livin’.
    One more thought as we finish up the pot this mornin’.  I saw where that old woman, remember the one who ran for President is on the prowl again.  She just can’t keep shut up and stay out of the pie, but she said that the President ought to use the Covid and the vaccine to push as much of his agenda through as he can.  In other words, spread more lies to get what yuh want.
    With that bein’ said, and the coffee bein’ gone, it’s about time for yuh to be mountin’ up and on down the trail.  Hmmm, to think of it, weak coffee is sorta like the guy who didn’t check his cinch.  It won’t keep him in the saddle on the rough trails.
      Vaya con Dios.