Coffee Percs

The morning cup of Café Nair is an integral part of the life of a Creole household. The Creoles hold as a physiological fact that this custom contributes to longevity, and point, day after day, to examples of old men and women of fourscore, and over, who attest to the powerful aid they have received through life from a good, fragrant cup of coffee in the early morning.”
                    –The Picayune Creole Cook Book (1901)

Mornin’ Pard, come on in and let’s have a cup of coffee.  Ahhh, a pleasure of life, to be sure.  Sorry that I seem serious this mornin’.  I know Saturdays are supposed to be light-hearted, a day of fun activity.   Hmmm, where did we come up with that idea?  Six days shall thou labor and the seventh we rest.  Ha, on the seventh most are out workin’ or partyin’ and not doin’ much thinkin’ of the Lord which we are supposed to be doin’ on the Lord’s Day.
       Take another drink; if’n it’s not too hot, take a deep, long one.  Times are serious; we need to be aware of what’s happenin’ around us.  For sure, I know two things:  the Lord is coming, and I believe soon; and with that, the ol’ devil is gettin’ ready to take over.  Now, don’t be gettin’ in a fuss, nor takin’ me wrong.  I don’t for a moment believe that this vaccine is the “mark of the Beast.”  However, that bein’ said, I do believe that the foundation is now bein’ laid for it to come on the land.
       Here, let me take a slurp before continuing.  I want to pass on to yuh somethin’ I read, and it ought to get the attention of all of us.  Prime Minister Johnson of the United Kingdom stated that people will not be able to buy or sell unless they have proof of takin’ the vaccine.  President Macron of France said the same thing and added people will not be able to have access to shopping areas without a vaccine passport.
       Whooeee, if that don’t get yur attention!  What is it that is said in Revelation, people who do not have the “mark” will not be able to buy or sell?   My mercy, if a foundation is not bein’ laid for the future, I don’t know what yuh’d call it.   With all that bein’ said, I’m sure glad yuh stopped by this mornin’ to partake of a cup of coffee with me.  Hope, despite what I’ve shared, it’ll put a smile on yur face and a whoop in yur gizzard.
       Yuh, just be ready.  I think the four riders of Death we see in Revelation are tightening their cinches and gettin’ ready to mount.
        Vaya con Dios.