Coffee Percs

They had a fire going and coffee on, and the smell of the coffee and of bacon frying fairly set my stomach to asking questions of my face.”

                         –Louis L’Amour  (Chancy)
Come on, Pard, let me put a smile on yur face this mornin’.  Ahhh, good coffee, roasted right here in Coldspring by Spring Ridge Roasters.  Yur face certainly shouldn’t be askin’ no questions after a sip or two of that delightful brew.  Makes yuh almost want to giggle, tastes so good.
       Let me pass on something I read from that sage from an earlier day, Washington Irving.  Now, if my coffee didn’t light up yur face maybe this little story might.  Irving was out traveling in the West.  “Indeed our coffee, which as long as it held out, had been served up with every meal, according to the custom of the West, was by no means a beverage to boast of.  It was roasted in a fryingpan, without much care, pounded in a leathern bag, with a round stone, and boiled in our prime and almost only kitchen utensil, the camp kettle, in ‘branch’ or brook water; which, on the prairie, is deeply colored by the soil, of which it always holds abundant particles in a state of solution and suspension.”
       So Pard, don’t yuh be complainin’ none about my coffee for yuh could be in worser shape.  We get to cryin’ and bellyachyin’, and whinin’ for often no reason atall.  Reminds me of those Israelites a-wanderin’ in the wilderness.  They complained, so the good Lord had them wander, and while they was figurin’ out which ways to go, they whined again–the Bible calls it murmurin’.  It seems that murmurin’ causes confusion and complainin’.  The Lord sure don’t care for it much, for it is He who sustains us, who gives to us, who blesses us, who tells us not to be a-worryin’ for He has everything under control.
       Well, I notice that yuh didn’t seem to mind the coffee as yuh guzzled it right down.  Yuh be havin’ yurself a good week, and if’n yuh come by next week with a knot on yur head, don’t be murmurin’ none that yuh done forgot to check yur cinch.
        Vaya con Dios.