Coffee Percs

Then there was a sizzle, and he exclaimed, ‘Hot!’ as he reached to move the coffee that was now boiling over. Other than that it was a quiet morning as we drank our coffee and ate.”

                    –D.C. Adkisson  (Mal de Ojo)
Mornin’ Pard from out here in Maryland.  Really nice mornin’s we’ve been havin’.  Nice and cool–liveable.  I’ve been makin’ the coffee and it’s soothin’ to the gizzard if not the soul.  I had my yearly breakfast yesterday at the Amish Market and let me tell yuh, it was mighty tasty.  Then we went out to a farm and picked apples and purchased a bunch of fresh from the  truck.  Just one of the stereotypical autumn days.
       Pard, just when yuh think folks couldn’t be more ridiculous something happens t’ fool yuh.  The media can’t stop with foolishness, and more often than not will make out-and-out lies about something.  Yuh saw that “it was worse than slavery,” according to Mad Maxine what those Border Agents were doin’ to illegal immigrants.  My mercy, the media said they were usin’ whips on the unlawful people enterin’ the country.  The photographer even said that the reins of the horses were not bein’ used as whips.  Believe the truth?  Nah, stir up a hornet’s nest is more to their likin’.  Now the agents can’t even ride horses as that’s no way to treat an illegal.  As my ol’ Grandma used to say, “Lord, help us through the jungles.”
       A fellow by the name of Forrest Bryant Johnson once said, “Everyday the wilderness shared some new experience.”  We have to remember that this ol’ world is a wilderness through which we must travel to get to the Promised Land; that land of glory we call Heaven.  All kinds of things happen, some bizarre, some devastatin;, some downright evil, and the enemy seeks to thwart our journey either to stop it, or at least hinder it.  Pard, we need to face up to the fact and sit tall in the saddle as we travel.  The Lord goes with us!
       Say, Pard as you check yur cinch, I want to tell yuh that a new book is on the market at Amazon.  It’s a story of vengeance and action, and of healin’ and love.  Grab a copy for your fall readin’.  The title is “Twisted Tree.”
          Vaya con Dios.