Coffee Percs

Before I could scoot my chair closer to the table, a cup of coffee was set in front of me and a sweet voice spoke.”

                    –D.C. Adkisson  (The Shepherd)
Welcome, Pard, sure was hopin’ yuh’d show up this mornin’.  I need some help as I’ve been strugglin’ with something I’ve been ponderin’ most of the week.  Sure, I’ll pour the coffee first.  Priorities right?  Well, let me get right down to it.  Oh, yuh need to taste the brew first,  Hot enough for yuh?  Strong enough for yuh?  Or do yuh need some of the cream to make a latte?  Cino!!!  Pard, yuh have to be kiddin’ me!
       Whew, I was a mite worried ’bout yuh for a second.  Glad yuh were just teasin’.  Cino, my ol’ Grandpa would be rollin’ over in his grave.  Now to my ponderin’ if’n yuh don’t mind.  Here it is:  has our nation turned into a carnival or is it a circus?  Let that soak in yur pea-brain for a minute.  That there’s some difficult thinkin’.  
       I remember as a kid goin’ to the carnival.  There was always a couple that came to town durin’ the year.  They had all kinds of rides, but they all had one thing in common–they all went around in circles.  Yep, the circle might have ups and downs like one of them small rolly-coasters, but it was still in a circle.  That merry-go-round went around and ’round and there would be some horses that went up and down whilst it was goin’ round and round.  Then there were a few rides, Tilt-O-Whirl, where the half-basket shaped seat would spin around as the whole contraption went around.  Now ponder that, and if’n that don’t sound like what’s goin’ on in some places in this country, I’ll eat my hat.  I mean them politicians up in Washington haven’t a clue as to what they’re a-doin’–just goin’ ’round and around.  Up and down, and ’round and ’round.
       Now to the other show–the circus.  I’ve been to a few in my lifetime.  They always kept the ferocious beasts in cages worried to let them out.  But what I want to bring to yur attention is the show.  Sometimes there was a one-ring circus, like we saw in that court case this week with those lawyer a-jawin’ and the media a-frettin’ and tryin’ to worry the jury.  Other times, we have a regular three-ring circus a-goin’.  But what I see is the problem with the circus, there ain’t no ring-master to control it.  The President ain’t in charge, poor ol’ feller can’t hardly think for himself.  His partner can’t be found half the time and she just reminds me of a clown laughin’ ’bout most everything–things that ain’t even funny.  And that Mouth who they call the Speaker, my mercy, I cringe when I see her.
       So Pard, which is we?  Carnival or circus.  We have spectators watching.  Some close up, some from afar.  Yuh don’t finished that cup?  Reckon ponderin’ does make a person a mite thirsty.  Still have some coffee in the pot.
       While yur sippin’ and ponderin’ I know Thanksgivin’ is comin’ up.  My, what a wondrous holiday to stop for a spell and thank the good Lord for all His blessin’s to us.  Why, as I wrote above, I think of the many times my sweet wife poured me a cup of coffee or slid a piece of pie in front of me.  She’s a wonder–she’s had to be to put up with me all these years.
       Pard yuh be ponderin’ that question until next I see yuh.  Don’t worry yur brain too hard that yuh miss out on the pumpkin pie, or forget to check yur cinch.
      Vaya con Dios.