Coffee Percs

Coffee’s cookin’ on the stove in the corner. Go right on ahead and pour yourselves up a steamin’ cup. ‘S good coffee. Guaranteed finest kind.” 

                         –J. Lee Butts  (Gun Works)
Come on in Pard, an’ take a weight off’n yur feet.  Surely hope yuh had yurself a good week.  I did, but my days were all messed up.  I thought Tuesday was Friday, then Friday was Saturday.  Guess that’s what happens when yuh jist sit ’round the fire, enjoyin’ life and coffee.  Right now there’s no pie–fastin’ pie for the month of January.  
       I’m in an unusual situation.  My mind is normally percolatin’ with a bunch of thoughts stirrin’ around.  My problem then is to sort them out, but Pard, right now, there’s nothin’ stirrin’ in the ol’ noggin’.  Oh, I could get goin’ with the same old rant about the virus and vaccine along with power and control, but what’s the use?  I could write about the economy, the price of bacon, an’ inflation.  If’n I took a notion, I might say something about the President, and others up in Washington, but then my liver and gizzard might get in an uproar.
       Don’t worry, just grab the pot and pour whenever yur cup runs dry.  Don’t make me no nevermind–just do it.  Hey, let me tell yuh ’bout one of my Christmas presents.  I received a special gift of coffee–a coffee of the month.  Each month, I’m to receive coffee from a different place in the world.  So far I’ve had coffee from Ethiopia and Uganda.  Nice present, and I’ve enjoyed it.  Ha, see you are too.
       Yuh know, thinkin’ of those yokels in Washington the ol’ song comes to my mind.  “Won’t it be wonderful there?”  Heaven that is, not the grand monoliths of political power.   It’s a sad thing to say, but when I look at some of those faces I get downright ill.  I don’t bother listenin’ to their spiel, which are mostly lies.  I’d rather hear the porkers oink and grunt in the neighbor’s yard next to Kimberly’s.
       Speakin’ of songs, I’ve tried to keep one current everyday.  Sorta like a resolution.  We know the heavenly Father has given us each day and we’re to be doin’ our best for Him each and every day so I thought.  “I woke up this mornin’ feelin’ fine.  I woke up with heaven on my mind.  I woke up with joy in my soul, for I knew my Lord had control…”
What, yuh don’t like my singin’.  I thought it might be worth a cup or two of coffee.  See, and if yuh look closely, yuh can see that I’m part of the “woke” crowd.  No, not those whimperin’, snibblin’, lily-livered whiners, but a member of the Kingdom of God.  
       Well, yuh need to be on yur way an’ I need to be workin’ on my latest book.  It should be out sometime next week.  Yuh take care, and don’t forget to be checkin’ yur cinch from time to time.
        Vaya con Dios.