Coffee Percs

As we sat down, and the blessing was said, I took a sip of the hot, strong coffee before eating.”

                         –D.C. Adkisson (Winter of the Wolves)

Take a sip, and listen to this.  It was 1973, Annie and I were moving from Panama City, Florida to Colorado Springs.  I had a Ford Maverick and was pulling a trailer.  We were beat, worn out, and almost frazzled–and that’s the truth, Pard.  We started lookin’ for a place to spend the night an’ there was nothin’!  Found out there was all kinds of doin’s in Dallas and no rooms were available.  Finally, we find one room at a motel in Gainesville, Texas.  It was a suite.  We looked at each other, as we were as poor as church mice, but we were both tired and needed to sleep a few hours.  Oh, the cost–$26.00.  Pard, I don’t if’n it’s progress, but things have sure ‘nough changed.
       Go ahead, finish that cup an’ I’ll pour yuh another.  Pard, since I mentioned “progress,” can’t the people see that we’re progressin’ down the wrong road in this country?  There seems to be more and more evil than ever, an’ I tell yuh, it’s because we have forsaken God and His moral code.  Listen, with all the lawlessness that is aboundin’ I think goes to show yuh that the time of the Lord is drawin’ near.  Ol’ slewfoot will bring more evil and lawlessness until the time that the Man of Lawlessness is let loose on this world.  Pard, that’s gonna be a terrible day.
       That day will be like turnin’ the wolves from the pit loose on the world.  There’ll be terrible sufferin’ and sorrow.  Terror will strike deep.  Sorry, Pard, let me take a long swaller.  Whew, that burned all the way down to my gizzard.  I never thought of it before, but progress is bein’ made every day–progress toward our heavenly home.  The world is goin’ one direction, but those that belong to Christ are headin’ in another.  Yuh better be sure yuh have yur spiritual cinch tight for the day of His appearin’ is near.
      Vaya con Dios.