Coffee Percs

The wind was picking up and the air was cold.  I added some sticks to the fire, which blazed up pleasantly, so I tugged on my boots and filled up a cup of coffee.”
–Louis L’Amour

Didn’t know if you’d make it this mornin’ since it’s been rainin’ all night, but noticed that it has let up some now.  Sure glad for the rain.  I really think nature is goin’ crazy; I saw that they are expectin’ snow in Hawaii.  Signs of the times.  In fact last night what I thought was thunder probably the stirrin’ of those white horses in the heavenly corral.  I know people have been sayin’ it and expectin’ it to happen for a couple of millennia now, but it surely has to be close.  Maybe it was the horses of the Pale Rider and his companions.  They’ll be trampling the world first.
Sure becomin’ a different world out there, and that’s now just because I’m gettin’ up there in years.  Things are changin’.  There is more and more deception bein’ thrown at us by the ol’ devil.  I’ve talked with students, pointed out Scripture to them, and they are now replyin’, “That’s your opinion.”  The first time I was shocked, then angry, then stupefied.  No, this is what God says.  No wonder the Lord has to come back before the righteous are deceived.  Pard, don’t let your Bible and gun get too far away from you.  Be like those old circuit-riding preachers who had a “gun in hand and Bible in pocket.”
Got your shoppin’ done?  For, “Christmas times a-comin’!”  Think I’m through unless somethin’ just jumps out at me at the store, and that ain’t likely to happen since I’m not plannin’ on goin’ to no store.  Ahhh, time for another cup or do yuh have to be headin’ out?  I think I’ll make another pot and eat some breakfast.  Have to fix my own vittles this mornin’ then make a stop at the post office.
Weather is still some bad; better double-check that you’ve tightened your cinch, and have a good week.
Vaya con Dios,