Coffee Percs

Campire“I walked to the counter and asked for a cup of coffee. The coffee was good so I had another cup. Then I had a bowl of chili to go with it. The chili was every bit as good as the coffee.”      –Lou Bradshaw

The Arbuckles is strong and hot, so throw your ankles underneath the table and I’ll get you a cup. No time for preachifying or the such this morning as I’ve got to be down the trail before long. What’s that ol’ German sayin’ “The faster I go the behinder I get”? Sure do feel that way sometimes. Busy, busy, busy. This ol’ ‘poke is just busy, but then when I’ve look at what I’ve done–it’s seemingly nothin’. It kinda reminds me of that non-pc song written by Stephen Foster, “I’m coming, I’m coming, though my steps are movin’ slow…”
Tried to mow the lawn yesterday; mower broke. Tried to watch a movie; DVD broke. Tried to get the roof put on before it starts to leak; that’s a hassle. Get a check, itty-bitty one, from the insurance and now have to send it to the mortgage company along with all kinds of paperwork before I can get the money to get the roofer to work on the roof.
Sorry pard, don’t mean to neglect you. I pour ‘nother cup right pronto. Just ventin’ some. Sure hope the Lord don’t think I’m murmurin’. Then I was thinkin’ ’bout the above quotation. I’ve been to some fancy doin’s in my time. But ya know, when it comes right down to it I prefer simple. Eggs, biscuits/gravy, chili, and don’t forget the coffee, oh, and throw a pork chop in there and don’t forget a piece of pie. Who needs a gourmet cook, when I’ve got my gal Annie?
Ahhhh, really good coffee this mornin’. Sure needed that. I tried to help a lady get gas the other day. She couldn’t open the place on her fancy car so she could pump gas. I looked inside, and my goodness, all the gadgets and dials and such. A person wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes on the road with all the dials and things to look at and touch, and yet she couldn’t go anywhere because she couldn’t put gas in her car. Seems to me there ought to be some kind of moral there; maybe we get too technological with our lives and we should just “Keep it simple stupid.”
Sorry, friend, not callin’ you stupid. Got to be a-movin’, daylight will be appearin’ soon. Yep, and you can be sure I’ll check my cinch before headin’ out.

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