Coffee Percs

CampireHe went back to the fire, poured another tin cup of coffee and sat sipping it, watching the embers darken and die.”
–Hal Borland

“Christmas time’s a-comin’, Christmas time’s a-comin’,” hey there friend!  Come join in, “Christmas time’s a-coming, and I know I’m goin’ home.”  Yeehaw, makes a person want to clog in the kitchen for a minute or two.  The birth of God’s Son is celebrated in all sorts of symbolic ways.  How ’bout you pard, anything special that you do in remembrance of Him? 
Yep, that time of year when some of the nuts come out.  Did you see what happened in that town in Indiana?  There was a cross on top of the town Christmas tree and some fool said that he was forced to look at it (yep, someone must have grabbed his head and made him look) and then it caused him “irreparable harm.”  Why, of course!  That is the person of the Cross–it is there to convict!  It causes the soul to tremble and shake.  But then the wise person realizes the full picture, accepts and repents, and he is a new person, and that Cross now gives unbelievable hope.
‘Nough of that preachifyin’ and let me fill that cup again.  Good coffee today.  If’n I didn’t have some errands to run I could just sit here all cozy and drink coffee all day.  Yuh know, not to put a damper on the season, but I was readin’ Borland’s quotation above, and it sorta reminded me of this year.  We’re at that point where this year is nigh gone.  Sorta like a fire, and we’re watchin’ the last few embers “darken and die.”  Hope it’s been a goodun for yuh; 2017 is comin’ up.
With all of the goin’s on, and the folks a-comin’ and a-goin’ not sure if there will be any writin’ over the holidays.  I might get in a note or two, but no promisin’.  ‘Course you can always check the door–the coffee’ll more an’ likely be on.  Let’s finish the pot and get on with the day.
Say, pard, have yuh got all yore shopping done?  I know a swell gift; go to Amazon and buy a copy or eight of “The True and Unbiased Life of Elias Butler.”  Yuh can loosen yore cinch, and grab a cup of coffee and read it over Christmas or give it as a gift.  (I just had to get this advertisement in.)
Since I mentioned somethin’ ’bout a loose cinch, yuh better be sure and check yore’s before mountin’.  Remember, I said there’s lots of nuts out there.