Coffee Percs

He got to his feet and walked over to the chuckwagon for the coffeepot.  Coolly, he filled the man’s cup and then his own, putting the pot down by the fire.”
–Louis L’Amour

Well, pard, this is it!  The last day of December, the last day of 2016.  Yep, come tomorrow, a new year is upon us.  Made the coffee hot and strong this mornin’ just to get us through the last day.  Reckon we will, for we made it through 365 days, plus that extra one in February.  Whooeee, doggies, it was a year.
New President coming to the country; that’s always interestin’ and this year just might prove to be more so.  One thing I do know, even an ol’ fence post can see this, is that things are becoming ready for the Lord’s return.  Say, pard, now don’t spill yore coffee, but this might be the year.
Keep yore eyes on the skies and on the situation in the Middle East.  Oh, and ifn I were you I’d sure keep my Bible read and my gun handy.  Hope to have you drop by in the days ahead; coffee will be perking.
Now don’t go gettin’ careless the last day of the year like so many fools will.  You stay sober and check that cinch.