Coffee Percs

With a quick breakfast and what must have been a gallon of coffee under his belt, he swung into the saddle and started once more.”
–Louis L’Amour

Well, here we are pard, the beginnings of a new year.  Time to start out again, of course, we never stopped from last year, but it was nice to get a rest at Christmas, enjoy family and coffee and pie.
Good coffee this mornin’, don’t ya think?  Yep, my friend, 2017 looms out in front of us.  Ya know, there’s plenty of folk that think life is just tip-toein’ through the tulips, or petunias.  But I venture to say, there’s a might more to it than that.  Ha, ha, I can just imagine you a tip-toeing.  That would be a sight, worse than this ol’ fence post cloggin’ in the kitchen.
Now, I’ll admit that there are circumstances that come our way when we have to walk softly and move carefully.  But most of the time, we just go along taking life as it comes; never forgettin’ that the Lord is there with us.  Think of that!  There ain’t nothin’ comin’ our way that He doesn’t either allow or cause.  He knows, so we can rest a little assured in that.  That’s not to say we don’t do our part.  We should always be alert and ready; not go and do stupid things that could harm us physically or spiritually.
Oh, sorry, that’s sure not courteous, I’ve let your cup run dry.  I’ll grab the pot for a refill.   Hmmm, there just might be a lesson there.  Each day is new, a refill of the cup, so to speak.  Be a-rememberin’ that.
So get ready to ride through 2017.  Saddle up and ride, oh, but don’t forget to tighten your cinch.  I’ll do my best to have the coffee on most every Saturday.
Vaya con Dios!