Coffee Percs

He sat beside the fire and ate the bacon and drank the coffee, relishing every swallow as only a hungry man can.”
–Louis L’Amour

Coffee’s hot pard, get in here. I’ve got to be gettin’ this note out or my eldest will be throwin’ a hissy. Trust you had a good week. See those crazy shenanigans out there? That is just plain ol’ baboonish behavior! Want to know something? If they were persecuted to the full extent of the law some of it would stop. Not all of it, ’cause you just can’t fix stupid.
One day, I opened my thermos, poured the coffee and was plannin’ on relaxin’ for a few minutes. I reached for my cup, an yuck–salty. I thought maybe I was mistaken, so took another sip. Yep, sure ‘nough it was salty. A whole thermos of coffee beckonin’ me and not fit to drink. How in the world that happened I have no idea. So this mornin’ I’m relishing every swallow.
I think we often go through life the same way. We take things for granted or we just hurry through and we don’t relish it. Now maybe these are just the words of an ol’ fence post, but I often wonder of how many moments I didn’t take notice of over the years. My pastor said when I was just a youngster, “Life is living.” We don’t take time to live life, we hurry along and then look back and wonder where it all went. Now, we live according to God’s Word, and we live doin’ the best we can. Tryin’ to help you pard, sit back this mornin’ for a minute or four and smell the aroma of the bacon fryin’ and the coffee boilin’. Then, sigh, as you take that first sip, and chomp into that first piece. Then tell the Lord, “Thank you.” And ifn you have a couple of eggs to go along with it, well, then give Him a double thank you.
Need to get the ol’ steel mount saddled up. I have an errand to run today. Purchased a wife a bracelet from Montana Silversmiths and the clasp didn’t work. Problem was I bought it in Schulenberg. The replacement is ready to pick up. Reckoned she is worth the trip to go an’ get it.
What’s that? I’m not lettin’ you enjoy the mornin’? Shame on me, I let your cup run dry. How in the world are you goin’ to sit there and sigh, without a full cup of coffee? Won’t happen again.
Have another good week; let the Lord guide your steps. Listen to Him and He’ll make sure you tighten up that cinch.