Coffee Percs

She inhaled the aroma as if it were roses.  It seemed that most elderly people she knew drew the breath of life itself from coffee.”
–Elmer Kelton

No pard, didn’t be a-meanin’ you.  You just look old; no, didn’t mean that either.  Hey, let me fill up your cup.  Coffee’s hot and strong!  Sure don’t want to keep you from joinin’ us in the kitchen.  Just gather in that aroma, ahhhh, makes you feel better all over.
I’m really gettin’ tired of lookin’ at the news.  Don’t anyone dare try to tell us we’re civilized.  Goodness, I’ve seen more civility among a brood of hens when they are finding their peckin’ order.  One that got me this week were the entertainers complainin’ that there will be no more public schools.  Hmmm, they don’t even send their kids to public school.  Just a bunch of ignorance bein’ spouted out of louds mouths.
We just live in a day where things seem to be stayin’ in a turmoil.  It don’t pay to go out without packing.  Sure, we need physical protection, but most go out into that wilderness of stupidity and craziness without the Word of God.  Too dangerous not to be well heeled.
Coffee sure settles the gizzard.  From grindin’ those beans, to the aroma as it bein’ perked, and from that first taste to the last all the way down.  It might not make the world look brighter, but sure do feel much better facin’ it.
Hmm, with Valentines Day comin’ up that just gives me an idea.  Coffee is better than roses. Hmmmm….
See you soon, be sure that cinch is tight in case the crazies come at you!