Coffee Percs

There was dead mesquite near the water hole, and enough dry wood to make a small fire, sheltered from observation.  The coffee tasted good, and they had the last of the jerked beef.”
–Louis L’Amour

Ahhh, good coffee!  Goin’ to be a quick time together this mornin’ pard.  Have to take the granddaughter back to her Mom.  Maybe I’ll have time for some contemplatin’ durin’ the trip.
Yuh know, I just can’t get over the crazies out there.  My mercy!  Spoiled little brats.  I can recall a few years back when a student asked me if I thought he was a man.  I told him, very quickly, “No”.  He was a little taken back by it, and acted hurt.  I proceeded to tell him that to be a man, to be an adult, was to accept responsibility.  He wasn’t responsible.  Now, take a look at all of the words bein’ thrown around, the tantrums and hissy-fits of some and you realize that they are just over-grown irresponsible brats.
Say, that is good coffee this mornin’!  Put an extra heapin’ spoon of coffee for the brew.  My ol’ gizzard is jumpin’ for joy.  But back to my goin’s on.  I think there should be a requirement of a Constitution test.  Did you see the words of that one fool?  She said that if we can impeach Trump and Pence then Hillary would automatically become President.  Uh, sorry, what about the Speaker, then the President Pro Temp, then the Cabinet. 
Don’t have the time to get a-ventin’ and sure yuh don’t want to hear it all.  Sure good to know that my heavenly Father is watchin’ out over me in all of this foolishness. 
Got to go check my cinch before headin’ out; you better be doin’ the same.