Coffee Percs

She inhaled the aromas as if it were roses.  It seemed that most elderly people she knew drew the breath of life itself from coffee.”
–Elmer Kelton

Sure glad you showed up pard for it’s right lonely at the homestead.  Yep, the missus has gone traipsin’ off to the Piney Woods area with the grandkids.  Seems she was needed.  Guess it’s good to be needed, but then it makes this ol’ fence post weather the storm alone.  She packed herself up and climbed aboard that wagon they drive like she was 25 instead of just havin’ her 68th birthday yesterday.  Quite a gal.
But here I go, mind driftin’ off and yur wantin’ a refill already.  Made it extra strong this morning, just because…  Remember that Scripture that went sorta like this–professin’ themselves wise they became idiots?  Let’s see, somewhere in the first chapter of Romans, if I recall right.  Well, awhile back I saw where “they” said that human language came from baboons.  And from some of the gibberish I’ve heard I’d have to agree.  But I was readin’ just yesterday that there is a court case happenin’ right now sayin’ that chimpanzees are humans.  Yep, they have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  Lord, help us through the jungles!
‘nother cup?  My, friend, it must really be settlin’ that ol’ gizzard of yurs.  Comin’ right up; sure don’t want to leave yur cup go dry.  Ahhhhh, think ol’ Elmer had part of that right.  Coffee–the breath of life.  Say, I was told that this was my last Spring Break.  Think of that!  After 39 years, but one way to look at it is that from now on I’ll be on spring break.  What’s that?  Don’t you go gettin’ smart with me pard, I reckon I know I’m not a spring chicken.  More like a well-matured rooster.
Goodness, sorry pard.  This daylight savin’s time messes me up.  Sure wish they could leave it the way the good Lord intended.  Got to be a movin’ along and figure you do to–cup’s empty anyway.
I’ll stand by the kitchen door and make sure you check that cinch before mountin’ up.  Never know what might come yur way.